Top 5 activities on the Clyde River Batemans Bay

The Clyde River (Bhundoo to the local Aboriginal people), begins its journey 125km from Batemans Bay in rugged mountain areas to the north.  The Clyde River, which is sometimes merely a trickle in the upper reaches, passes through pristine forest areas and National Parks delivering water that is very pure.  As the river nears Batemans Bay it becomes much wider and deeper with the last 35km being from Shallow Crossing to the Tollgate Islands at the entrance to Batemans Bay being navigable to large watercraft.  Its sources are almost entirely contained in protected, uninhabited lands (primarily National Parks) with only 5% of its catchment being cleared.  It is one of the last major rivers in Eastern Australia to remain un-dammed.

1 Cruise the beautiful Clyde River

MerindaWhile you enjoy a sensational seafood lunch from the famous INNES BOATSHED. Beer, wine and soft drinks are available on board. Three hour cruise includes tea / coffee and half hour stop over at Nelligen.

Merinda Clyde River Cruises
PHONE: (02) 4472 4052

2 Batemans Bay Oysters

oystersThe Clyde River estuary was a major part of the development of both Batemans Bay and Nelligen, providing transport and pure waters for the development of the Clyde River oyster industry.  The Clyde River is scattered with oyster leases which are responsible for growing the coveted Sydney Rock Oyster.  This Oyster is generally regarded as the ultimate in oysters and with its clean water the Clyde River produces the best available anywhere – the best of the best.  The Oyster Shed on Wray Street is located on the banks of the beautiful Clyde River at Batemans Bay.  The Oyster Shed is a “farm gate” for fresh oysters sold direct to the public.

Berny’s Clyde River Oyster Farm Tours

Oyster Farm

PHONE: (02) 4472 4947
Tour – $20.00 per person
Duration Approx 1.5 hours
Minimum 10 people desired.

Although Oyster farming is still important on the Clyde River, its main uses today are recreational, with fishing, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, jet skis, cruising and houseboats being very popular for locals and tourists alike.

3 Walk across the Batemans Bay Bridge

Batemans Bay BridgeWhilst most of the fame of the area is based on its environment, one particular man made icon of Batemans Bay is also well loved and respected by locals and visitors alike.  The bridge over the Clyde River is particularly interesting as it is a rare lifting span type and, when operating to allow for vessels to pass beneath, is a fascinating marvel of engineering to witness.  Pedestrian access is allowed on the Eastern side of the bridge however if you are making the crossing at around 11am you may be stopped for the bridge opening.  From Clyde View you can take a walk or ride along the bike path all the way to the bridge approximately 7km away.

4 Fishing Batemans Bay and the Clyde River

fishingAlways a winner with the kids is an afternoon of fishing in the safety of the Clyde River.  The Clyde River provides important habitat for a number of native fish species.  Its estuary waters are part of Batemans Marine Park and most of the park foreshores are in a Habitat Protection Zone.  Recreational fishing is permitted but there are restrictions on spear, net and trap fishing.  Some of the best estuary fishing in Batemans Bay is directly in front of Clyde View Holiday Park.  The area immediate to the front of the park is a very productive area for flathead, beam and whiting.  You can wet a line off the beach or if you are a little more adventurous, wade out on a lower tide and fish across the ribbon weed beds (shoes are essential).  Other good spots are along the Bay’s break-wall which consistently produces bream and flathead.  If you want a sure bet for some kids’ fun the Bay’s wharves located in the centre of town are good for catches of yellow tail, slimy mackerel and mullet.  If you’re fishing you’ll need a fishing licence.

Details are available from the NSW Fisheries website.

5 Kayaking and Canoeing on the Clyde River

kayakingCanoeing and kayaking are popular activities on the Clyde River but be aware that larger boats also use the waterway.  You can carry your canoe or kayak to the water directly from Clyde View Holiday Park, or use boat ramps at Nelligen or Batemans Bay.  Craft can be hired in Batemans Bay from Region X Kayak Experiences.  If you are after a guided tour Region X will take you to print less beaches and you can dine on delicious local foods on their Boutique Catered Tours. For added excitement book a popular FULL MOON TOUR.

Batemans Bay really has some of the most scenic expanses of coastline to paddle and is a must for the more adventurous.